Equipments in Use

All type of CC TV
Close circuit camera & surveillance camera.
Metal Detectors
Walk- Through metal detector
Low-cash walkthrough detector for weapon detection
Handheld Metal Detectors
For fast weapon screening and theft prevention
Highly sensitive scanning circuit fast scan rate
Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Panel The fire alarm system is a device which indicates the fire - actives area. This comes in three different models :-
1. L.e.d based 2. L.c.d based 3. Addressable based. L.e.d based
Conventional & Addressable Fire Alarm Panel
& l.c.d based both panel indicates fire detected zone area only, but the addressable fire alarm panel indicates exact detector number, area location, mcp number with time & date.
Features of L.E.D & L.C.D based panel
Two zone to four zone panel is available
Twin red L.E.D indicates fire
Three Yellow L.E.D indicates open,short & isolation
One red L.E.D indicates low battery
One red L.E.D indicates CO2 discharge
Two L.E.D indicates system on AC or DC
L.E.D Based fire alarm L.C.D Based fire alarm
(DGFA- 3) (DGLFA- 4)
Toggle switch is used for zone isolation & hooter on/off
Push switch is used for individual zone test & common test
Built in Hooter amplifier or 12 volt output
Features of L.E.D & L.C.D based panel
Red & green thumb type micro switch are used for hooter accept & system reset
Feather touch switch Iis used for only L.C.D based panel
16 X 2 black Llighted alpha numeric display
Provision to attach Auto dialer
Provision to attach CO2 gas pumping System

Addressable Features
The main control panel will have single loop only.
Each component on the lopp Viz sensor, call point etc. Should have its unique address and in case of actuation, The system display the sensor number & it’s location on a L.C.D display having a capacity of four lines & each line have20 characters.
The system is compatible to conventional detectora of appolo or any make.
Addressable Features
If the loop is totally disconnected at any one point, all the detctors still remain able to detect fire besides enunciatIng the trouble through L.C.D. change of polarity of loop is displayed on L.C.D screen. detector loop short fault is displayed on L.C.D screen. The main control panel displayes the various types of system faults, such as
A. Battery is connected or not
B. Reverse polarity of battery
C. Battery charging indication
D. Hooter is connected or not
E. Siren is connected or not
F. System on AC or DC
G. Earth is connected or not
H. Detector open
I. Detector short

Microcontroller based security system

DGSA- 2 >< DGSA- 4
The security panel is a device which indicates robbery/ dacoity as burglary area. This comes in two different models- L.E.D based panel & L.C.D with R.T.C based panel.

Day/ night mode with automatic change over high immunity to false alarms.
Online operation- system cannot be turned off mains cum rechargable Battery backup (12V 7AHz).
3 day mode zones.
1 night mode zone.
Automatic defective zone isolation & indication rat rodent proof activation delay 2 sec.
Auto off period - 10 minutes.
Microcontroller based security system

Provision extension panel if number of indication required are more.
Provision to attach remote activation switch.
Visual indication to confirm engagement of magnetic switch (ES)- armed.

Wireless security alarm system with GSM

The GSM based emergency securitydialer allows the auto dialer to send voice messages / sms either by the mobile phone (GSM) network or a land line network. built in real time clock for day / night mode with independent battery back-up. Automatic periodic status report by sms for mode conversion, AC fault / restore, battery low / restore, bypass events & alarm notifications. Pre recorded voice message delivery to GSM mobile & land line phone on alarm mode. 4 mobile /land line numbers can be stored for voice & sms notification. Assword protected remotely alarm reset through mobile / land line programmable zone characteristics events log n non- volatile memory. built in intelligent battery cahrger.

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