Services Offered

Security Services

Security Guards (Armed & Unarmed)
Security for Residence / Apartment
Security for Office / Industry / Hospital / Bank

Security for School /College
Security for Shopping Mall
Events and Celebrity Management
Dog Squad and Handler Team
Body Guards / VIPs Protection
Armed Escort for Cash & Valuable
Mobile Patrols

Investigation Services

Matrimonial Enquiry
i. Pre - Matrimonial
ii. Post - Matrimonial
iii. Divorce & Alimony Cases
iv. Extra Maritial Affairs
Missing Case
i. Kidnapping
ii. Eloping
iii. Absconding
Legal Matters
All types of legal problems & Solutions


Matters relating to particular individual / individuals

Handwriting/ Signature Verification
To combat with forgery & false verifications we provide the services of signature & handwriting verification.
Finger Print Verification
Finger print verification is in use for more than 100 years for proving someone’s presence in the crime scene or holding the weapon.
Domestic Enquiry
MMatter relating to the dispute over property or enmity over anything between the same family or different families.
Job Verification
Employees current / background checking
Claim Enquiries
Assessment of claim made by the parties in various cases.
Debt Recovery
Recovery of loans made by different financial institution
Property Case
i. Seeking of information relating to property dispute.
ii. Asset verification
Identity enquiries
Full particulars of a person/ persons
Secret information relating to murders
Intellectual property, Copyright Act & trademark Service
Business/ Industrial Espionage
Manufacturing of fake/ Spurious goodsin the name of reputed concerns & also selling of those Spurious products.

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