Trial & Law

Accessory : Someone who assists a criminal
Accomplice : A criminal’s partner in crime
Acquit : To free or release from a charge, find not guilty
Affidavit : A written document
Arson : Deliberately setting a building on fire
Assault : Inflicting harm on another person
Bail : A sum of money paid to ensure a person in court. The money is fortified if they fail to appear
Battery : Unlawful Assault
Blackmail : Attempting to obtain money by threats
Burglary : Breaking into a building to commit theft
Capital Crime : A crime for which the penalty is death
Civil Law : Dispute between individuals
Criminal Law : Deals with acts considered harmful to the community
Damages : Money paid as compensation for injury or loss
Defamation : Harming a persons reputation by libel or slender
Evidence : Information presented to a court to prove or disapprove a legal issue, such as a dependent’s guilt or innocence
Fraud : Deception to gain money, etc.
Homicide : The unlawful killing of another person
Inditment : A written accusation
Kidnap : Illegally carrying a person, for example, to obtain ransom payments
Libel : Defamation in writing, such as in a newspaper article
Manslaughter : Taking another persons life without deliberate intent
Murder : Deliberate killing of another person
Oath : A promise to tell the truth in court, often sworn on a holy book
Perjury : A false statement made while under oath in a court
Probation : Placing a offender under the supervision of a probation officer
Receiving : Taking goods knowing that they are stolen
Robbery : Theft with force or threat of violence
Slander : Defamation of a person in spoken language
Sne : To bring legal proceeding against a person, organization, etc.
Summons : An official order to attend court
Trespass : Illegal entry to another person’s property
Trial : The examination of a case in a court of law
Vandalism : Deliberate damage to another’s property
Verdict : The outcome of a trial, whether the accused is guilty or not guilty
Warrant : A legal document allowing for someone’s arrest, the search of their property, etc.

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